The creative power

of intention.

Led by Lorraine Desmarais

assisted by graduated Core Energetics practitioners

This theme is crucial in the way we lead our lives and it really is worth exploring. There are only two possible forms of intention: the positive and the negative. Whatever works in our existence which is harmonious and happy, comes from our positive intention.  Anything that does not work almost always hides an unconscious negative intent.

During these two days we will look closely at what is happening in our lives and its components. Then, with the support and energy of the group and in line with our positive intention, we will visit and illuminate areas of our lives where we are unsatisfied and flush out the beliefs, repressed emotions and the negative intention behind these dissatisfactions. We fortify our positive intention by experimenting. This will create an base that you can use to grow every day thereafter. If you align yourself daily with your higher consciousness and your positive intent, you have in your hands the power to create a life filled with happiness, joy, satisfaction and freedom, just to name a few.

At the heart of this presence that comes from our intention, emanates unconditional love and an ability to live in daily reality with all our creative potential.

           THE DIFFERENCE,

 For those unfamiliar with the approach of Coeur Énergétique/Core Engertics you can read the book “The Pathwork of Self-Transformation” by Eva Pierrakos to familiarize yourself with this path of transformation and healing of the heart.

This particular approach invites us to live a friendly relationship with ourselves and with others. It allows us to better understand ourselves, to better love ourselves and live a life aligned with the best of ourselves.

This path allows us to align ourselves with our deepest truth and to become what we really are; living human beings, vibrant, loving, creative, real, generous, responsible awakening their inner nature and radiating by their mere presence.

Local: Centre l’Éveil
               4855 Boyer, Local 235, Montreal
               Laurier exit St-Joseph Metro

    Dates:  12 &13 November 2016
                           Comfortable clothing suggested

     COST:  Workshop 2 days $ 250 taxes incl. STUDENT RATE: 150 Taxes incl.
                  as long you register and pay the non-refundable
deposit of $50 before October 19th

           Late registration beyond October 19th: $ 280 STUDENT: 180$

The balance is payable on November 12 or no later than the beginning of the workshop
             Methods of Payment:

                Deposit of $50


          INTERAC Bank Transfer to

          Mail a check made out to Présence et Coeur Inc.

                 P.O. Box 57106 CSP, Longueuil, (QC) J4L 4T6   



  For more information please contact:

                      Lorraine Desmarais :  450-670-3214  --


                     Lise Desrosiers : 450-448-3042 --

For an embodied spirituality
 through the body, heart and action!

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