Privileged access to the benefits of Core Energetics therapy

    Since the beginning of 2014, fourth year students are allowed to receive a limited number of clients under the supervision of certified therapists.

    These sessions take place in an appropriate environnement at reduced rates. Clients are first asked to complete a questionnaire and make a commitment to 10 sessions at the reduce fees. Those interested are asked to register by contacting or by calling the following number: (450) 670-3214



The Core Energetics community in Canada consists of Certified therapists, students studying the discipline, individuals actively engaged in this path of transformation and many people simply wanting to know more about this creative and evolutionary process of transformation and healing that integrates all aspects of the person: body, emotions, mind,spirit, energy and consciousness.  There are a number of resources, from web sites to books to seminars which deal with Core Energetics.  This particular web site is the home of the official Canadian school for training in Core Energetics, both for personal transformation and for professional certification.  

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