A two year program designed to provide a theoretical and practical base of knowledge in Core Energetics.

This training program is created for anyone who is seriously engaged in their own process of transformation, desiring to deepen or discover their own transformational and evolutionary path.

This two year program is focused on developping our capacity to better know and love ourselves. Since our capacity to help and receive the other is in a direct relationship with our own capacity to unconditionally welcome all that we are, this in turn becomes one of the most important factors in creating meaningful and nourishing relationships in both our private and professional lives. Different techniques will be used to help circulate energy in our bodies to unified the relationship between our body, reason, heart, will and spirit. 

You may consider this training program as a journey to the very heart of your being. It is the journey back home to our true selves.

The 2 years certificate will be issued by Core Energetics of Montreal. This program is subject to change.

Registration requirement: complete the inscription form and payment and meet a member of the faculty.


 Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (4 years)

The second level will go on for the next two years. It is designed for those who want to become Core Energetics practitioners or for those who wants to work with groups.

The students could complete their training in New York or in California.The 2 additional years training for the certificate as a Core Energetics practitioner is given by The Institute of Core Energetics New York in Connecticut and the training to be specialize as a group Core Energetics practitioner is given by the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute in California.

During the first two years of the training in Montreal, students of both levels will be in the same training group.








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